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Orion Product Development Ltd. have a proven track record in supplying great value, reliable and professional Technical Consulting to our clients on projects that have ranged in value from several £100K up to £billions.

Our fully tailored approach and wide range of experience has repeatedly helped lone inventors through to international corporations alike to develop successful & innovative new products, reduce the costs of existing products, and manage new product development activities through to successful completion in a number of industries.

100% of our clients are happy recommend us and are come back for more, but don’t take our word for it, read what some of them have to say about us below:

Marine Renewables

“We have continued to use Kevin’s services based on the high quality of work he has produced for us on previous projects. He is always extremely innovative and capable, and we value his ability to convert our ideas into excellent engineering solutions, often under the added pressure of very compressed timescales and tight budget. He adds significant value to any project team and we would have no hesitation in continuing to engage his services or to recommend him to others.”

Andrew Hunt, Engineering Manager, Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd

LED Street Lighting

“Kevin is innovative and creative design engineer with an excellent knowledge of the manufacturing techniques required on this project. He understood our requirements fully and added valuable input into the design, thereby helping us to develop a fully re-engineered product whilst re-using existing tooling with the minimum of cost and time disruption. We would therefore have no hesitation in engaging him again or recommending him to others.”

Managing Director, Low Carbon Lighting

Electric Powertrain

“I engaged Kevin to help us on this very high profile project due to his level of experience and successful track record in the field. Kevin was fully committed to our project goal in every way, integrating into and often managing our project team, and frequently going above and beyond to help us meet our extremely demanding delivery target. With his support and guidance we were able to deliver an extremely high quality prototype machine in a very short time scale, and we simply couldn’t have done it without him.”

Technical Director, Hyperdrive Innovation

Heavy Precision Engineering

“Kevin was recommended to me by one of his former colleagues and I have found him to be a very capable engineer and extremely reliable throughout the whole process.  He has always delivered what was asked of him, adding real value to the machine design and the product development process in general.  I would highly recommend him.”

Technical Director, FTV Proclad

Offshore Drilling

“Kevin bought into our project from the start and has offered exactly the support we needed, often going above and beyond to deliver what was needed despite very tight deadlines. Both myself and our client are delighted with the results, and would highly recommend him.”

Managing Director, Rockbit UK

Marine Renewables

“I initially recommended Kevin to our supplier because I had previously engaged his services on renewables projects at a previous employer. As before, I found him to be creative and capable, and I am extremely pleased with the value he has already added to the project. We would have no hesitation in engaging his services directly on future developments.”

Engineering Manager, Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd.

 Construction & Mining Equipment

“Kevin came highly recommended to me from my UK colleagues, following the completion of some high quality project work he had produced for another side of the business. He was subsequently engaged by me in a multi-disciplinary role at senior level, coordinating several multi-national design teams on a complex, high-value New Product Development project. His creativity, experience and engineering ability added significant value to the project and enabled several patents to be pursued. Kevin has an excellent work ethic and takes ownership of any given task. The program was completed ahead of time and to a very high standard. We wanted to secure Kevin as a permanent employee at our company, and as such would have no hesitation in recommending him”

New Product introduction Manager, CAT

Plastic Food Packaging / Consumer Products

“I worked with Kevin on the Management Team at a mutual former company, so was keen to engage him when we have had an urgent skills shortage for several new product and tooling development projects at my new company. I find him to be extremely versatile, proficient and reliable, and he always delivers what is requested efficiently and to a very high standard. I would have no hesitation in engaging him again or recommending him to others.”

Plant Manager, Solocup Europe

Construction & Mining Equipment

We were lucky to find Kevin at very short notice, and once I met him and outlined the work content, I was re-assured and impressed how quickly he demonstrated an understanding of the requirements, and offered a commitment to staged delivery to match our deadlines, fitting this around his existing work schedule by extending his available time. I was confident to give him the go ahead straight away against his verbal quote, the formalities followed. Kevin was extremely professional, capable and efficient, and represented excellent value for money, delivering all of the work required on time and at an extremely high level of quality. Highly recommended”

Former Chief Engineer, Miller UK

Bespoke Subsea Equipment Manufacturing / Marine Renewables

“Kevin worked with us at a Senior Engineer level on several new product development projects within the Trenching, Renewables and Subsea Mining Divisions. He is extremely innovative, technically proficient and diligent, and therefore adds significant value to any given project. I would have no hesitation in engaging him again or recommending him to others”

Former Chief Engineer, Soil Machine Dynamics

General Engineering

“I already knew of Kevin’s abilities and experience having previously worked with him on the Management Team at a mutual former company. I was therefore keen to engage him when we had an urgent skills shortage for a major high value project. Kevin picked up the project requirements extremely quickly and delivered everything required in a professional and efficient manner, and to a very high standard. In fact, through his usual diligence and attention to detail he added significant value to the project over and above what was originally required, and I therefore had no hesitation in using him as my customer-facing representative in formal design reviews with our client. Highly Recommended”

Managing Director, Dyer Engineering

 Disability Assistance Products

“I have engaged Kevin on several New Product Development and Cost Reduction initiatives, often under extreme time pressures. He takes ownership of each and every element of a project and his technical knowledge and experience fill a vital skills gap in the current organisational structure. He is highly innovative and we have made a patent application based on his latest work. Kevin is extremely capable and reliable, adding significant value to the business through the activities he has been engaged in. We placed Kevin on a medium-term retainer with our business and I therefore highly recommend him”

Managing director, NYMAS

 Automotive Engineering

“I engaged Kevin for his skills and experience as a Chartered Engineer to review the work of another consultant prior to product type approval and release. Although this was a very short project, I found Kevin to be very professional, capable and reliable, and would therefore have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”

Managing Director, Trailerlift

We set no limits on what we can help you achieve, so please contact use to arrange a no-obligation chat about how our skills and experience can seamlessly integrate with your business to quickly and effectively satisfy your requirements.