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We integrated into this leading international business at senior level to successfully deliver multiple product development and cost reduction projects in marine renewables, subsea mining and trenching

Orion Product Development Case Study – Marine Renewables, Trenching and Mining

We worked on several innovative and fully bespoke product development projects within the Renewables, Trenching and Subsea Mining divisions of this internationally successful bsuiness.

The Renewables projects each involved delivering a FEED study for various innovative subsea renewables installations around the world, covering the full range of product development activities, including idea generation, concept design, detail design, stress analysis, engineering drawing, prototyping, testing, project management and costing.  Several of these went on to working prototype and full commercialisation phase.

Trenching projects involved similar activities on commercial subsea crawler remote operated vehicles. We worked on several complex bespoke sub systems of various vehicles, such as hydraulics, structural elements, cable laying sub assemblies, electronic systems, drivetrain and hydraulic power units etc.

Working within the subsea mining division also involved the full range of product development activities, again working on several complex bespoke sub systems of the vehicle.  The vehicles themselves were to be deployed by a large international mining corporation off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

All work was carried out while integrating into the project teams at senior engineer level, often also checking and approving the designs and calculations of other engineers.

Project values ranged from several £100K up to several £million.

Here are some video links to these interesting projects:

Kevin worked with us at a Senior Engineer level on several new product development projects within the Trenching, Renewables and Subsea Mining Divisions. He is extremely innovative, technically proficient and diligent, and therefore adds significant value to any given project. I would have no hesitation in engaging him again or recommending him to others

Former Technical Director, SMD

All pictures in this article used by kind permission of SMD Ltd.

Customer Profile

Large North-east based leading supplier of high value bespoke subsea equipment.

Company Size:
Medium to Large

Product Complexity:
Very High

Product Value:

Production Volumes:
Bespoke to Low