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We delivered multiple innovative, commercially advantageous and mechanically sound designs to tight deadlines, enabling prototype development to progress on the client's second generation tidal energy platform "PLAT-O #2" as well as supporting improvement initiatives on the first platform and a concept development for a game changing floating turbine platform PLAT-I

Orion Product Development Case Study – Tidal Turbine Platform

We continued to work with UK based Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd, helping them to develop their second generation tidal energy platform, fitted with Schottel Hydro in-stream turbines (, and also their floating turbine platform PLAT-I

It has been estimated that harnessing the UK tidal stream resource could supply up to 20% of UK electricity demand, and by doing so this could replace the equivalent coal fired generation, which would avoid 88 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.  OPD Ltd. is extremely proud to be involved as part of our ongoing philosophy of social responsibility.

The buoyant tidal energy platform will be taut moored to the seabed using a world-first anchoring solution that we are also proud to have been involved with.  The platform is unique in that it allows the turbines to be placed in the optimum position in the water column to harvest the maximum tidal power.  Alongside an optimised deployment philosophy this provides significant reductions in the cost of tidal energy.

Fully integrating with their engineering team we developed innovative, reliable and low-cost mechanical design solutions for the platform structures, mooring system, hydraulic system, hydrodynamic performance, deployment and recovery technology, along with other key systems, and are continuing to work with the client on this and other projects, including a floating platform variant for a customer in Singapore.

Our “top-down”, or total system, approach helped to identify several opportunities for further cost reductions and performance improvements, adding significant value throughout the project.  As a result we were also requested to continue to work with the client on their further projects.

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We have continued to use Kevin’s services based on the high quality of work he has produced for us on previous projects.  He is always extremely innovative and capable, and we value his ability to convert our ideas into excellent engineering solutions, often under the added pressure of very compressed timescales and tight budget.  He adds significant value to any project team and we would have no hesitation in continuing to engage his services or to recommend him to others.

Andrew Hunt, Engineering Manager, Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd

All pictures in this article used by kind permission of Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd.

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UK based SME, leading developer of Marine Renewables Technical Solutions

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Very High

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