From Product Design to Prototype and Product Testing

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April 2015 was an exciting month for Orion Product Development Ltd. as one of our product development projects reached the physical prototype and testing stage exactly as planned, despite a very tightly compressed project schedule.

Our customer on this project is a local family-run SME who is a market-leader in the offshore drilling industry, and we supported them by compiling the necessary 3D designs, engineering drawings and supporting calculations for both the product and supporting test equipment.  We also worked with the customer’s client directly to provide the engineering information and support they required prior to the testing program.

The product itself is literally a ground-breaking new type of seabed anchor fixing, with patent pending, and is a vital element in the development of the exciting offshore renewables project shown below.  We are proud to announce that the anchor passed the rigorous testing schedule compiled by the end user, and has enabled all parties to confidently progress to the next stage of the project, which Orion Product Development Ltd. will continue to support.


Image used with kind permission from Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd.

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