New Product Development Uses New Cutting-edge 3D Computer Aided Design Capability

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Here at Orion Product Development we are always enthusiastic about new design tools that will help us deliver innovative, commercially viable and solidly engineered product design solutions. With this in focus we have invested in Creo Parametric Version 3.0 – cutting-edge 3D Computer Aided Design capability to offer the very latest in New Product Development to our clients.

PTC Creo Parametric provides the broadest range of powerful yet flexible 3D CAD capabilities to accelerate the new product development process.

New Product Development Uses New Cutting-edge 3D Computer Aided Design CapabilityBy automating tasks such as creating engineering drawings we are able to avoid errors and save significant development time. This state of the art CAD software also lets us perform analysis, create renderings and animations and optimise productivity across a full range of other mechanical design tasks essential in new product development, including a check for how well the design conforms to best practices. PTC Creo Parametric enables us to provide higher-quality new product development designs faster and allows us to communicate more efficiently with manufacturing, suppliers and our clients.

Features that benefit new product development:

  • Quickly and easily create 3D models of any part or assembly
  • Create manufacturing drawings automatically with complete confidence that they will always reflect the current design
  • Improve new product development design aesthetics with comprehensive surfacing capabilities

3D Modelling for New Product Development

Transforming concepts into fully-featured, detailed 3D models is a feature that allows us to validate designs for new product development and product re-engineering with Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) solutions.3D Modelling for New Product Development

Gone are the days when turning out a couple of design alternatives was enough. Even when a component appears to be a relatively obscure piece of the overall design, it can have major ramifications on the end product.

Therefore product development engineers need to recalibrate their processes and adopt new technologies to support more repetitive design studies, helping them arrive at the optimal concept in a timely manner.

PTC Creo Parametric 3D Computer Aided Design enable us here at Orion Product Development Ltd to offer such innovative new product development services to our clients.

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