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Orion Product Development Case Study – Quick Couplers

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Orion Product Development Case Study - Quick Couplers

We provided urgent design engineer resource for a major new product development for this internationally successful company. The project involved delivering a large number of detailed manufacturing drawings in a short space of time, as well as full a GD&T (Geometry, Dimensions and Tolerancing) review of each product. Total project value was several £100K.

We were lucky to find Kevin at very short notice, and once I met him and outlined the work content, I was re-assured and impressed how quickly he demonstrated an understanding of the requirements, and offered a commitment to staged delivery to match our deadlines, fitting this around his existing work schedule by extending his available time. I was confident to give him the go ahead straight away against his verbal quote, the formalities followed. Kevin was extremely professional, capable and efficient, and represented excellent value for money, delivering all of the work required on time and at an extremely high level of quality. Highly recommended

Former Chief Engineer, Miller UK

Orion Product Development Case Study – Bespoke Quality Management System

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Orion Product Development Case - Bespoke Quality Management System

Whilst working with this customer on a number of innovative new product development and cost reduction projects they requested us to leverage our experience working with international businesses and help them to update and significantly overhaul their Quality Management System. We have therefore rewritten their QMS to fully tailor it to suit their needs and fulfil the requirements of a UKAS accredited ISO 9001 audit. Some of the main tasks involved have been:
  • Writing a new Quality Manual
  • Introducing new ways of working
  • Writing 18 Operating Procedures (to date)
  • Introducing a new part numbering system
  • Introducing New Product Development Systems based on 6 Sigma Principles
  • Introducing an Approved suppliers List and a managed Supplier Development program
  • Introducing of managed quality assurance to international standards

Kevin is currently engaged to assist me in a complete review and update of our Quality Management System. He has brought a great deal of experience and knowledge to the business from his successful track record in dealing with large multi-national organisations, and his contribution to Nymas on this initiative is therefore significant. I have found him to be dedicated, proficient and reliable, and therefore could not recommend him highly enough.

Operations Director, NYMAS